Clusia rosea Jacq.

Tree up to 20 m, growing on rocks or other trees; leaves obovate, 9-18 cm, elongated towards the obtuse or cuneate base, with many non-prominent parallel veins; petioles 1-2 cm; inflorescence 3-5 cm, with 3-5 flowers; bracts ovate, 6 mm, with 2-4 bractlets; 4-6 sepals, 1-2 cm; petals white or pink, 3-4 cm, obovate or heart-shaped; fruit globose, 4-8 cm, 6-8 locular.

Common name: copey.

Clusia rosea, living leaves
Clusia rosea, dead leaves
Clusia rosea, flower
Clusia rosea, fruit
Clusia rosea, open fruit
Clusia rosea, bark

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