Cojoba arborea (L.) Britton & Rose

Tree up to 15 m high; branches glabrous; stipules falling; leaves with 3-9(-14) pairs of pinnas; short petiole, 1-1.5 cm long, with round gland, with dense brown hairs; pinna with (8-)12-30(-35) pairs of leaflets; leaflets opposite, (6)7.5-15(17) mm long, 2-4.5 mm wide, asymmetric, oblong to lanceolate, directly attached, with midrib visible on underside; flowers directly attached to small bract axile; peduncles of inflorescence and bracts pubescent; calyx tubular, with 5 teeth; corolla tubular, with 5 teeth; stamens white, numerous, 12 mm long; pollen in groups of 16 grains; fruit dehiscent, valves remain twisted after opening, 7-10 seeds, curved to circinate, red, endocarp red, septate; seeds slightly flat, 6-12 mm long, 5-10 mm wide.

Common names: gigante, moruro, moruro prieto, moruro rojo, sabicú moruro.

Cojoba arborea, branches
Cojoba arborea, leaf, upper surface
Cojoba arborea, leaf, lower surface

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