Comocladia dentata Jacq.

Bush or tree <12 m, milky, branches puberulous; leaflets in 7-8 pairs, coriaceous, ovate to oblong, length 3-10 cm, width 2.5-3 cm, pointed at apex, obliquely rounded at base, reticulate and pubescent on underside; panicles 20-25 cm long, in scented groups; calyx made of semiorbicular lobes; drupes ovoid, obtuse, hairless, 7-8 mm.

Common names: guao, guao común, guao de sabana, guao hediondo, guao prieto, guao real.

The milky juice (latex) of this species is strongly caustic, producing burns on contact with skin. In some cases it can inflame the skin when brushing by its branches or when standing underneath it.

Comocladia dentata, leaf
Comocladia dentata, leaves
Comocladia dentata, bark

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