Conostegia xalapensis (Bonpl.) D. Don

Bush or small tree up to 5 m, rusty tomentose hair; leaves elongated ovate-lanceoate to ovate, 8-20 cm, pointed or abruptly acuminate at apex, dentate, pointed to rounded at base, 5-veined, with dense rusty tomentose hair on underside; inflorescence 10-20 cm, buds 5-7 mm, pointed, 5 petals, elliptic-obovate, 4-6 mm, stamens 10, ovary 5-celled, stigma truncated.

Common name: cordobán.

Conostegia xalapensis
Conostegia xalapensis, living leaves (left), dead leaf (right)
Conostegia xalapensis, flowers and buds
Conostegia xalapensis, flower

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