Cordia gerascanthus L.

Tree up to 30 m, leaves lanceolate to elliptic-oblong, 5-12 cm, pointed and acuminate at the apex, pointed at the base, margin entire, hairless or almost hairless; flowers white, fragrant, in dense cymes; calyx 7-10 mm, tubular or bell-shaped, slightly pubescent, ribbed, 3-5 teeth, uneven, deltoid; corolla white, 2-3 cm, tube cylindrical, the length of calyx, 5 lobes, obovate, separated until further down centre of surface; corolla marescent, brown; fruit crowned by marcescent crown, slightly longer than calyx.

Common names: varía, varía prieta.

Cordia gerascanthus
Cordia gerascanthus, leaves
Cordia gerascanthus, flowers
Cordia gerascanthus, bark

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