Cuervea integrifolia (A. Rich.) A.C. Sm.

Bush or small tree with climbing branches, rough; petiole 3-7 mm, leaves elongated elliptic to ovate or elliptic-oblong, pointed or cuspidate, or abruptly acuminate, rounded to slightly heart-shaped at the base, 4.5-12 cm, strongly reticulate, inflorescence 3.5-8 cm, flowers 8-11 mm; sepals ovate-deltoid; petals oblong, 4.5-5.6 cm; capsules almost orbicular to obovate, 5-7.5 cm; seeds about 3, with oblong wing, 15 mm.

Common name: amansa guapo, castaña purgante.

Species endemic to all coasts and hills in Cuba.

Cuervea integrifolia
Cuervea integrifolia, leaves

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