Cupania americana L.

Tree up to 20 m, bark red-brown, soft and brown when mature, pubescent on branches, leaves, rachis, inflorescence, and capsule; leaves 20-40 cm; petioles thick, 2-6 cm; leaflets 4-8, slightly coriaceous, obovate or elliptic-obocate, rounded at apex, base elongated to obtuse, 7-15 cm, dentate, tomentose on underside, at least on veins; inflorescence 10-30 cm; flowers white, 3 mm wide; capsule almost globose, obtusely trigonal, shortly stipitate, 1.5-2 cm diameter; seeds black.

Common names: guara común, guárana hembra.

Cupania americana, leaf
Cupania americana, leaflet
Cupania americana, living leaflets (left) dead leaflet (right)
Cupania americana, fruit
Cupania americana, bark

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