Ekmanianthe actinophylla (Griseb.) Urb.

Tree up to 10 m tall; bark very ribbed and corky, thick; petiole up to 19 cm; 5 leaflets, ovate-lanceolate, 7-15 cm, long and acuminate at the apex, truncated to almost heart-shaped at the base, finely reticulate, hairless; veins on the underside with hair on axils; final corymbs multiflowered; pedicels up to 7 cm, slim; calyx 1 cm, truncated, with small teeth, slightly lepidote; corolla bell shaped, 4.5-5 cm, yellow-green; lobes dentate; capsule linear-acuminate, 17-20 cm.

Common name: roble caimán.

Species endemic to Los Mogotes de Pinar del Río.

Ekmanianthe actinophylla, leaf
Ekmanianthe actinophylla, leaflets
Ekmanianthe actinophylla, bark

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