Espadea amoena A. Rich.

Bush or small tree, leaves obovate, rounded and often apiculate at apex, cuneate at base, venation ridged, midrib prominent on underside with single hairs, limb 2.5-5 cm long, 1.5-3 cm wide; flowers with short pedicels, yellow-brown, calyx cup-shaped, tomentose on outside, 4 mm, teeth 5, short, pointed; corolla cone-shaped, tomentose on outside, 1.5 cm; ovary tomentose; berry globose, ending in point, orange-brown or yellow.

Common names: arraiján, rascabarriga.

Species endemic to Cuba but not typical of Los Mogotes, growing across Cuba.

Espadea amoena
Espadea amoena, branch
Espadea amoena, leaves
Espadea amoena, leaf
Espadea amoena, flower

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