Gaussia princeps Wendl.

Palm 10-15 m high; trunk fusiform, slightly curved at base, wider at the lowest third and narrower towards the higher part; leaves pinnate, bright green, up to 2.5 m; inflorescence between the leaves, amply supported on pedicels; fruits ellipsoid, with orange-red pericarp, length 1 cm.

Common names: palma barrigona de sierra, palma de sierra, palma de sierra barrigona.

Palm endemic to Sierra de los Órganos, growing on embankments above rocks. This species is very similar to Roystonea regia, but the trunk gets wider towards the base and narrower towards the top.

Gaussia princeps (on the right)
Gaussia princeps
Gaussia princeps, with fruit
Gaussia princeps, bark

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