Genipa americana L.

Tree 6-14 m; thicker branches hairy to glabrous, with stipules, stipules acuminate, glabrous, 8-12 mm; leaves obovate to oblong, glabrous or pubescent, slightly coriaceous, 10-35 cm long, 5.5-19 cm wide, attenuated to pointed at base, pointed to shortly acuminate or obtuse at apex; margin flat or almost revolute; peduncle short; pedicels 4-10 mm; calyx glabrous or hairy, 12-16 mm; limb truncated or with short lobes; corolla white-yellow, 2.5-5 cm; tube with setae higher up; 5-6 lobes oblong, obtuse, sericeous; fruit 6-7 cm, glabrous or hairy.

Common name: jagua.

Genipa americana, branch
Genipa americana, leaf
Genipa americana, fruit

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