Guettarda calyptrata A. Rich.

Bush or tree, up to 6 m; minor branches with dense rusty hair; stipules oblong-oval, 10-16 mm, obtuse or slightly pointed, mucronate, tomentose; leaves oblong to oval or round-ovate, 3.5-13 cm long, 2-7 cm wide, rounded or very obtuse at apex, heart-shaped at base, coriaceous, slightly hairy to glabrous on upperside, underside with white tomentose hair, hair on veins; cymes almost capitate, with 3 flowers, peduncles 0.3-2.5 cm, flowers directly attached, caylx tomentose, bud 7 mm; corolla white, tube 2.5-5 cm, retrorsely haired, lobes ovate-oblong, 8-10 mm; fruit globose, 8-18 mm, tomentose.

Common names: cuero de hojas grandes, guayabillo, guayacanejo, jagüilla.

Guettarda calyptrata
Guettarda calyptrata, leaves

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