Lantana strigosa (Griseb.) Urb.

Bush about 1 m; minor branches strigose, hairy; leaves ternate, ovate to ovate-oblong, 2-2.5 cm, slightly obtuse to rounded at apex, base rounded, elongated at petiole, margin crenate, upperside dented, retuculate and slightly scabrous-haired; underside pubescent, strigous on veins; peduncles up to 3.5 cm, strigous; heads 12 mm diameter, bracts ovate, obtusely acuminate, 5-6 mm, strigose; corolla hairy, 9 mm, with 4 lobes.

Species endemic to Los Mogotes de Pinar del Río.

Lantana strigosa, flowers
Lantana strigosa, living leaves (left), dead leaf (right)
Lantana strigosa, leaf

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