Lasiacis divaricata (L.) Hitchc.

Very ramose, erect or lying, glabrous, occasionally slightly pubescent or only so in a line; leaves clearly distichous, sheaths imbricated on branches, persistent, almost glabrous or slightly pubescent, margins ciliate, apex villous, ligule membranous, 2-3 mm; limbs linear-lanceolate, 3-12 cm long, 4-12 mm wide, caducous, glabrous, scabrid or slightly pubescent; panicle open, 3-20 cm long, with scabrid branches; spikes ovoid, first glume with 7-11 veins; second glume with 9-11 veins; sterile lemma with 9-13 veins, palea half its length; species variable in size of leaves and presence of vestiture.

Common names: pitillo de monte, tibisí.

Common in all Cuba.

Lasiacis divaricata
Lasiacis divaricata, leaves

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