Lyonia myrtilloides Griseb.

Bush or small tree 3(-6) m; bark ridged longitudinally; branches sometimes ascending, strong; minor branches slightly angular, slim, scarce or abundantly lepidote, or with few or many hairs; leaves elongated or broadly abovate, or elliptic, occasionally almost oval or round, 0.7-4(4.5) cm long, 0.3-2(-3.1) cm wide, flat, revolute or almost curving back, coriaceous; distal part occasionally very dark and irregularly dentate; apex rounded or truncated; base attenuated; upper side lepidote, with falling scales, moderately or densely pubescent near to midrib; underside scarcely or moderately lepidote, or glabrous, often scarcely pubescent on the midrib, especially closer; inflorescence with 1-10 flowers, fasciculate; peduncles slim; flowers with 4(5) parts; sepals of calyx triangular, pointed; corolla urceolate or cylindrical; 8 stamens; fruit in capsule, elongated ovoid; seeds fusiform.

Common name: clavellina.

Species endemic to western Cuba.

Lyonia myrtilloides
Lyonia myrtilloides, living leaves (left), dead leaf (right)
Lyonia myrtilloides, flowers

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