Matayba oppositifolia (A. Rich.) Britt.

Large bush or tree, 9-12 m; minor branches more or less pubescent; leaves almost opposite, leaflets 4-10, elliptic-lanceolate to oblong-obovate, almost pointed or shortly acuminate, apex obtuse, pointed to attenuated at base, 5-8 cm, entire, almost directly attached, mostly hairless, lateral veins slightly prominent, axillary panicles branching slightly, usually longer than leaves, slightly pubescent; lobes of calyx deltoid, short; petals rudimentary; disc hairless; capsule 2-3-celled, 1 cm, carpids rounded along back, reddish; seeds almost globose, 5-6 mm.

Common name: macurije.

Matayba oppositifolia
Matayba oppositifolia, leaf, upper surface
Matayba oppositifolia, leaf, lower surface
Matayba oppositifolia, living leaflets (left), dead leaflet (right)

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