Mucuna urens (L.) Fawcett & Rendle

Hairless climber; leaflets elliptic, almost black when dry, shiny, hairless, 8-16 cm, abruptly and shortly acuminate; peduncles very long and hanging, flowers 1-3 joined together at apex; flowers purple; calyx with tube 10-12 mm, truncated, dentate, the upper tooth emarginate, lower teeth larger than 4 mm; vexillum 3-4 cm, very wide and almost as long as wings, carina slightly longer; pod 12-23 cm long, up to 5 cm wide, with pungent hairs, with 2 elongated wings on upper rim, and numerous oblique ribs; seeds rounded, 3 cm diameter or more.

Common names: bejuco de jairel, ojo de buey.

Mucuna urens, leaf
Mucuna urens, leaflet
Mucuna urens, flowers
Mucuna urens, fruit

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