Olyra latifolia L.

Culms bambusiform, up to 5 m tall, 1 cm diameter; internodes long, glabrous or hispid; nodes almost glabrous or hispid; leaves with perennial sheaths, glabrous or hispid; libs asymmetric, oblong-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, up to 20 cm long, 1.5-7 cm wide, abruptly tapering, glabrous; petiole short and pubescent; panicle pyramidal, 10-15 cm, almost two-thirds as wide as long; spikes pistilate, with long pedicels, joined under glumes; pedicels wider at apex; glumes persitent, with 5-9 veins, the second almost twice the first, sheath ovate and muticous, 5-7 mm; stamens with awned lemma, palea acuminate; pedicel capillaceous.

Common names: pito, tibisí.

Olyra latifolia
Olyra latifolia, leaf, upper surface
Olyra latifolia, leaf, lower surface

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