Omphalea hypoleuca Griseb.

Tree up to 8 m, pubescent; glands of petiole 3-5 mm; leaves alternate, oblong-ovate, obtuse, rounded to heart-shaped at base, 7-20 cm, with 5 veins at base, underside white, tomentous; bracts linear, 1.5 mm wide, pubescent; 3 stamens; staminal column dilated in concave-hemispheric 3-lobed disc; capsule concave, 3-5 cm diameter.

Species endemic to Los Mogotes de Viñales.

Omphalea hypoleuca
Omphalea hypoleuca, leaves
Omphalea hypoleuca, leaf, upper surface
Omphalea hypoleuca, leaf, lower surface
Omphalea hypoleuca, flowers
Omphalea hypoleuca, bark

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