Pachyanthus poiretii Griseb.

Bush, with strong branches; leaves elongated ovate to oblong, 7-11 cm, 5-veined, obtuse to pointed at apex, base almost heart-shaped, 5-veined, with some furfuraceous scales on underside; panicles pauciflorous; flowers directly attached or with short stem; calyx with dense furfuraceous hair, tube bell-shaped, 5-6 mm, lobes ovate, 4-5 mm; petals furfuraceous, 1.5 mm.

Common name: cordobán.

Species endemic to Pinar del Río.

Pachyanthus poiretii
Pachyanthus poiretii
Pachyanthus poiretii, living leaves (left), dead leaf (right)

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