Picramnia pentandra Sw.

Bush or small tree, up to 10 m high, fine flat hair on young branches, petioles, and inflorescence; leaves 8-25 cm, leaflets 5-9, papery, oblong, ovate or lanceolate, 2.5-10 cm, pointed or acuminate, brilliant green; flowers in slim panicles and slightly branched, 7-20 cm; calyx with 5 deltoid-ovate sepals; 5 stamens; berry oblong, ovoid or globose, 9-15 mm.

Common names: aguedita, quina de la tierra, quina del país, quinina del país.

This species grows across Cuba.

Picramnia pentandra
Picramnia pentandra, living leaflets
Picramnia pentandra, dead leaflets
Picramnia pentandra, fruit

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