Pisonia aculeata L.

Much branched bush, with curved spines; leaves commonly elliptic-oval, variable in shape, 2.5-15 cm long, 1.5-6 wide; inflorescence in cymes 2-6 cm wide, fruit cymes up to 10 cm; fruit pedicels up to 16 mm; male perianth broadly bell-shaped, 2-4 mm, with wide lobes; stamens commonly 6, very exserted; female perianth 2-3 mm; fruit claviform, 9-12 mm long, 3-4 mm wide, with five corners, each with row of glands.

Common names: uña de gato, zarza, zarza espinosa.

Pisonia aculeata, leaves
Pisonia aculeata, flowers
Pisonia aculeata, curved spines on the branches

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