Rhytidophyllum rupincola (Urb.) Morton

Medium-sized bush growing on rock, stems branching lower down, younger ones green and herbaceous, extended and villous at apex, hairs normally red; leaves grouped together near apex, herbaceous, petiole 5-12 mm, limb obovate to oblanceolate, 5-12 cm, 2-3 times longer than wide, pointed, coarsely serrate, densely villous on both sides; inflorescence long, with multiple flowers, bracts 2, linear, with red villous hair, peduncles as long or longer than the leaves they subtend, pedicels slim, 10-20 mm, flowers hanging; tube and lobes of calyx red, eglandular, villous red, lobes elongated lanceolate, erect, corolla red, 20-25 mm, tube ventricose in centre, with glands directly attached and fine red-orange hairs, eglandulous, throat contracted, with small limb, lobes almost equal, upright, erose.

Common name: boca de león.

Species endemic to Viñales, growing on walls of Los Mogotes. This species has been proposed for the 'Vunerable' category because of its restricted distribution and the small number of known specimens.

Rhytidophyllum rupincola
Rhytidophyllum rupincola, flowers

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