Roystonea regia (Kunth) O.F. Cook

Palm up to 40 m; trunk off-white, more or less fusiform; leaves up to 5-6 m, the segments very numerous, not shiny when dry, somewhat curled, coming out in different directions, sheath 1.5 m; floral spikes branched in twos; male flower 6 mm, sepals 1 mm, as wide as long, 6-9 stamens; female flower 3-4 mm, sepals a quarter to a third the length of the petals; cup of stamens with obtuse lobes; the 3 stigmas fleshy, without appendices; fruit globe-obovoid, 11-13 mm; seed 7.5 mm, a little longer than wide, rounded at either end.

Common name: palma real.

Roystonea regia
Roystonea regia, bark

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