Schaefferia frutescens Jacq.

Tree of 2-7 m; branches small, angluar, green; leaves widely elliptic to lanceolate, pointed to almost acuminate, sometimes rounded at the apex, base cuneate, 2.5-6 cm long, 0.8-2 cm wide, lateral veins prominent and anastomosing on both faces, margine planate or slightly curving back; flowers solitary or few, green or yellow; pedicels 1-3 mm (6 mm for the fruit); calyx 0.7-1 mm, segments rounded; petals elliptic or oblong, 3-4 mm; drupe 4-6 mm, spherical to ovoid, bright red.

Common names: amansa guapo, boj de persia cimarrón.

Schaefferia frutescens
Schaefferia frutescens, branches
Schaefferia frutescens, leaves

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