Siemensia pendula (Wr. ex Griseb.) Urb.

Bush, hanging on limestone cliffs, about 2 m, glabrous; stipules triangular, cuspidate, 2-3 mm; leaves ovate-oval to elliptic, 2-6 cm long, 1-2.5 cm wide, pointed to acuminate at apex, apex pointed or obtuse, base obtuse or pointed and decurrent, almost coriaceous, margin planate or slightly revolute; flowers fragrant, 1-3, peduncles axilliary, up to 4 cm, pedicels 1-2 cm; tube of calyx 5 mm, lobes linear-subulate or linear, 12-20 mm, pointed or attenuate; corolla 5-5.5 cm, lobes triangular, pointed; capsule oval, 8-10 mm, with 2 grooves, slightly ribbed; seed 1 mm.

Species endemic, growing on alkaline walls.

Siemensia pendula, habit
Siemensia pendula
Siemensia pendula, leaves
Siemensia pendula, flower

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