Solandra longiflora Tuss.

High climber, hairless, minor branches thick, with dense leaves higher up, lower down with scars of leaves; leaves elliptic or obovate, rounded to pointed or shortly acuminate at apex, cuneate at base, membranous, veins distant, 5-12 cm long, 3-6 cm wide, commonly smaller; petiole slim, 2-3 cm; calyx tubular, up to 10 cm, lobes pointed; corolla white, up to 30 cm, slightly elongated near mouth, cylindrical part of tube much larger than calyx; berry globose, ending in point; stamens inside upper cylindrical part of tube.

Common name: chamico bejuco, palo guaco.

Solandra longiflora
Solandra longiflora, branch
Solandra longiflora, flower
Solandra longiflora, flower

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