Solanum myriacanthum Dun.

Bush or herb, up to 1 m high, spiny; stems slightly pilose with needle-like acules; leaves solitary or in uneven pairs, ovate, 8-18 cm long, 3-7-lobed, lobes slightly concave, apex pointed, base cordate or truncated, glandulous-tomentose with simple and stellate hairs, directly attached, main veins with scarce straight flat spines; petiole up to 2-9 cm long, tomentose-glandulous, spiny; inflorescence in racemes composed of few flowers, axillary or lateral, almost directly attached, peduncles and pedicels frequently tomentose and spiny, pedicels 6-9 mm long; calyx 2-3 mm long, pilose and glandular, not spiny, lobed to two-thirds its length, lobes narrow, pilose and glandular; anthers 6-7 mm long; berry globose, 1.5-3 cm diameter, glabrous, striped green and yellow when mature; pedicels elongated, strong, reflexed; seeds with lenticels, about 2 mm diameter.

Solanum myriacanthum
Solanum myriacanthum, leaves
Solanum myriacanthum, spines on the leaves
Solanum myriacanthum, fruit

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