Tabernaemontana amblyocarpa Urb.

Bush or small tree up to 10 m, hairless; leaves obovate-elliptic to oblanceolate-elliptic, 3-23 cm, obtuse to abruptly acuminate-mucronate at the apex, obtuse at the base; inflorescence corymbose, racemose, flowers numerous; pedicels 5-14 mm; lobes of calyx ovate, pointed to obtuse, 2-3 mm; tube 6-7 mm, with obtuse lobes, 12-13 mm, anthers blue-green at the edge; follicles ovoid-reniform, 2-2.5 cm.

Common names: huevo de gallo, lechoso.

Endemic species, growing in all Cuba.

Tabernaemontana amblyocarpa
Tabernaemontana amblyocarpa, living leaves (left), dead leaves (right)
Tabernaemontana amblyocarpa, leaf
Tabernaemontana amblyocarpa, flower

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