Vernonia aronifolia Gleas.

Ramose bush, up to 1.5 m, branches finely tomentose; leaves ovate-oblong, 4-11.5 cm long, 2-6.5 cm wide, abruptly acuminate at the apex, obtuse to almost pointed at the base, glabrous on the upper side, puberulous on the underside, reticulate; cymes leafy, not branching, few heads; involucre hemispheric or broadly bell-shaped, 8-9 mm; bracts imbricated only at the base, external bracts linear-lanceolate, internal bracts linear-oblong, both spiny at the apex, which recurves; flowers 7-8 mm, achenes 4.5-5 mm, pappus 8 mm.

Species endemic to Los Mogotes de Viñales. It has been proposed for the category 'in danger', considering its area is limited to the summits of Los Mogotes.

Vernonia aronifolia
Vernonia aronifolia, flower
Vernonia aronifolia, flower, dry

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