Vernonia menthaefolia (Poepp. ex Spreng.) Less.

Very ramose bush, 1-5 m, stems and branches puberulous; leaves oblong-lanceolate to ovate, pointed to acuminate at the apex, rounded to acuminate at the base, 3-10 cm long, 1.2-3.5 cm wide, margin entire, undulating, or slightly dentate, scabridous on the upper side, puberulous on the lower side; inflorescence laxly pyramidal, 20-30 cm, dichotomous; heads with 11-18 flowers, peduncles 3-5 mm, involucre bell-shaped, 4-5 mm, bracts imbricate, puberulous, ovate to oblong-lanceolate, obtuse or pointed to rounded, glandulous; corolla white, 7 mm; achenes 3 mm, pubescent, glandulous; pappus yellowish, 6 mm.

Vernonia menthifolia, leaves
Vernonia menthaefolia, flowers

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