Zamia amblyphyllidia D.W. Stev.

trunk 4-10 cm diameter, sometimes splitting; leaves (2-)4-5(-10), 70(-150) cm long, glabrous, young leaves with dark brown-red vestiture; petiole not spiny, slightly angular, 30-40(-70) cm long; rachis slightly angular; leaflets alternate to almost opposite, (6-)10-14(-20) on each side of rachis, straight, more or less elongated abovate, almost coriaceous to papery, obtuse, margin slightly wider, slightly revolute, denticulate-serrate and with many well marked teeth in distal third; upperside lucid, green to green-yellow, underside more pallid; cataphylls in apex of trunk; male strophioles cylindrical, acuminate; peduncles 4-8 cm long; microsporophylls with external face with dense brown tomentose hair; feminine strophioles ovoid, with apex pointed, conical; peduncle about 5 cm long, with grey to dark green pubescence, becoming glabrous with age; macrosporophylls with external face slightly pubescent, slightly transversely concave in central part; seeds ovoid; sarcotesta orange or intense orange-red.

Zamia amblyphyllidia

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