Dried Reference Collection: IMI

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Postal address. The Curator, IMI Fungal Dried Reference Collection, CABI, Bakeham Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9TY, England, UK.

Description of collection. Some label information for most specimens has been digitized. The collection can be searched on-line at:

Collectors with material in IMI. Ahmad, S.; Batista, A.C.; Bisby, G.R.; Boedijn, K.B.; Cannon, P.F.; Cunningham, G.H.; Dade, H.A.; Deighton, F.C.; Hansford, C.G.; Hawksworth, D.L.; Hughes, S.J.; Kirk, P.K.; Liro, J.I.; Mason, E.W.; Minter, D.W.; Punithalingam, E.; Sivanesan, A.; Smith, G.; Sutton, B.C.; Tandon, R.N.; Waterhouse, G.M.; Yamamoto, W.

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