(1916 – 1967)

Augusto Chaves Batista

This remarkable Brazilian mycologist organized and installed virtually the only Mycological Institute in Latin America, in Recife. While he was alive, and for a few years after, this institute was an important centre of research into fungi. Not content with founding and directing this institution, he devoted his considerable energy, successfully, to the training of competent collaborators, the supervision of the work of the staff, the co-ordination of the scientific output, the adaptation of its main projects to the economical requirements of northern Brazil, the perfection of the international relations of his institute, and the publications resulting from all those efforts.

In a time of sudden changes of government and policies in Brazil, the force of persuasion and integrity of his character, as well as his known idealism, made it possible for his institution to find the necessary financial support in the federal and state governments and government agencies so that, at least during his own life time, the continuity of research was guaranteed. His unexpected and early death, in the midst of most intense scientific activity was a tremendous loss for science in Brazil, and for mycology world wide. The following fuller obituary was published shortly after his death: Singer, R. (1968). Augusto Chaves Batista. Sydowia 22 (5-6): 343-359 [published in 1969].

Biographies & obituaries. Sydowia 22 (5-6): 343-359, 1968 [publ. 1969]. Collections. IMI. Lists. Publications. Taxa. Kirk & Ansell form of name: Bat.

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