Dried Reference Collection: PH

Website. www.ansp.org/research/biodiv/botany/cryptogramic_herbaria.php.

Postal address. The Curator, Fungal Dried Reference Collection, Botany Department, Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103, USA.

Description of collection. Newly 57,000 specimens of fungi (over 28,000 of these lichen-forming). Some digitized information is available.

Collectors with material in PH. Acharius, E.; Ahti, T.; Anzi, M.; Anderson, K.; Arnold, F.C.G.; Blomberg, O.G.; Brodo, I.M.; Commons, A.; Derbishire, O.V.; Dibben, M.J.; Dix, W.L.; Döbbeler, J.; Eckfeldt, J.W.; Egan, R.S.; Elix, J.A.; Erichsen, C.F.E.; Esslingler, T.L.; Fink, B.E.; Fries, E.M.; Fries, T.M.; Galloway, D.J.; Gyelnik, V.; Hale Jr, M.E.; Halsey, A.; Harris, R.C.; Hasse, H.E.; Hedrick, J.; Howe, R.H.; Hue, A.-M.; Hulting, J.; Imshaug, H.A.; Kashiwadani, H.; Lindblom, L.; Magnusson, A.H.; Malme, G.O.A.; Massalongo, A.B.; Motyka, J.; Muhlenberg, G.H.E.; Müller Argoviensis, J.; Nash III, T.H.; Nuttall, T.; Nylander, W.; Pennell, F.W.; Poelt, J.; ; Rex, G.A.; Russell, J.L.; Ryan, B.D.; Schweinitz, L.D. von; Servít, M.; Steiner, J.; Steiner, M.; Stizenberger, E.; Timdal, E.; Torrey, J.; Tuckerman, E.; Vainio, E.A.; Verseghy, K.; Wetmore, C.M.; Willey, H.; Zahlbruckner, A.

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