(17 July 1859 – 11 November 1926)

Curtis Gates Lloyd

Curtis Gates Lloyd [photo 1888]

Curtis Gates Lloyd

Curtis Gates Lloyd [photo 1906]

The two pictures shown here formed part of a greetings card sent by Lloyd on 1 January 1907, with the following text: "The portraits printed herein need some explanation. You doubtless know how a plant will change its form and aspect during its life. The same applies to the individual. The first portrait was taken twenty-six years ago, during my 'dude' period. I had forgotten it entirely, until on a recent visit to my sister it was brought out with a lot of old portraits. I hope it will afford my friends as much amusement as it has afforded me. To look at it no one would ever guess that it could develop into anything definite. The second portrait was taken last summer, just previous to a trip to Samoa. This is not a military suit as it might seem, but only a khaki suit such as is most comfortable for use in the tropics. I have no claim to wear a military suit, for I am essentially a man of peace, and the readers of Mycological Notes know that I never say or do anything that would cause the least disturbance. I have never waged any war excepting on the misdescriptions, misnames, misrepresentations and juggled names of the puff-balls. I trust it has been good-natured, and the chief weapon used has been printer's ink. I have fought, consistently, I hope, some of the abuses that have crept into mycological usage, and only in the interest (as I see it) of better work with these plants".

Uniquely, in
Cybertruffle's Fungal Valhalla, Curtis Gates Lloyd has knowingly been given two entries, the other being as his alter-ego Professor N.J. McGinty.

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Curtis Gates Lloyd's personal monument Curtis Gates Lloyd

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