Dried Reference Collection: BPI

Website. http://ars.usda.gov.ba/psi/smml.

Postal address. The Curator, Fungal Dried Reference Collection, Systematic Mycology and Microbiology Laboratory, USDA - Agricultural Research Service, US National Fungus Collections, Room 304, Building 011A, 10300 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, Maryland, 20705, USA.

Description of collection. Over 950,000 specimens of fungi; covering all groups except lichen-forming species. The collection is fully digitized and can be searched through the collection website.

Collectors with material in BPI. Adams, J.F.; Alexopoulos, C.J.; Ames, L.M.; Bethel, E.; Bresadola, G.; Brooks, T.; Bubák, F.; Burt, E.A.; Calkins, W.W.; Carver, G.W.; Chardón, C.E.; Ciferri, R.; Davis, J.J.; Dearness, J.; Dick (Snell), E.; Farr, M.L.; Faull, J.H.; Fergus, C.L.; Griffiths, D.; Guba, E.F.; Harkness, H.W.; Hedgcock, G.G.; Humphrey, C.J.; Jenkins, A.E.; Kern, F.D.; Langlois, A.B.; Linder, D.H.; Lloyd, C.G.; Long, W.H.; Macbride, T.H.; Martin, G.W.; Orton, C.R.; Overholts, L.O.; Patterson, F.W.; Reinking, O.A.; Reynolds D.R.; Schweinitz, L.D. von; Shear, C.L.; Snell, W.H.; Standley, P.C.; Stevenson, J.A.; Thurston, H.W.; Tracy, S.M.; Weir, J.R.; Zundel, G.L.I.

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