Production team

  • J.M. Pérez Martínez
  • M. Rodríguez Hernández
  • F. Areces Berazaín
  • D.W. Minter
  • W.J.K. Minter

    Scientific collaborators

  • A. Rodríguez (identification and descriptions of cacti)
  • A. Urquiola (plant identification)
  • C. Sánchez (identification and descriptions of ferns)
  • E. Bécquer (plant identification, fieldwork)
  • J. Gutiérrez (plant identification, fieldwork)
  • M. Luis (fieldwork, help in Viñales National Park)
  • R. Rankin (plant identification, photos)
  • V. Fuentes (descriptions, photos)

    Collaborating Institutions

  • Jardín Botánico Nacional, Havana
  • Viñales National Park
  • Empresa de Campismo Popular (Campsite at Dos Hermanas)

    Thanks to

  • D. Moore, for the donation of the digital camera with which all this work was carried out
  • The family of the participants, for tolerating their absence during the work, and for spiritual guidance

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