Zanthoxylum martinicense (Lam.) DC.

Tree up to 20 m, with thick conical spines up to 5.5 cm; branches may be spiny; leaves 1-3.5 cm, leaflets 5-15, oblong, oblong-lanceolate, obovate, elliptic, or ovate, 3-13 cm, shortly acuminate or pointed, rounded or emarginate at apex, obliquely rounded or pointed at base, with hair on midrib, sunken, slighly revolute, petiole and rachis sometimes needly; inflorescence 0.6-1.5 cm; male flowers with 5 carpels; gynoecium obovoid, with 5 carpels; with follicles, joined on lower part, 4-6 mm.

Common names: ayúa, ayúa macho, ayuda.

Species very easy to identify due to large conical spines on trunk.

Zanthoxylum martinicense, leaf, upper surface Zanthoxylum martinicense, leaf, lower surface Zanthoxylum martinicense, leaflets
Zanthoxylum martinicense, spines on the leaves
Zanthoxylum martinicense, flowers
Zanthoxylum martinicense, spines on the trunk

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