Persons interested in participating should in the first instance complete the registration form and send it to the meeting Secretary. Thanks to support from the UK Darwin Initiative, and every effort being made to minimize costs to participants, a nominal registration fee of only £30 per participant will be payable on arrival. The registration fee will contribute to the cost of organizing the meeting, of lunches and morning and afternoon refreshments, and of transport for the field excursion.


Subject to the discretion of the Organizing Committee, abstracts may be published on-line on the meeting website, and full texts may also similarly be published on-line. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit or re-format texts if necessary to maintain a uniform style. Abstracts should be submitted in MS-WORD or RTF format by e-mail to the meeting Secretary and must arrive before 30 September 2009. Please use the following standards:

  • font “Times New Roman”, 12 point;

  • title text in bold upper case (CAPITAL) letters;

  • author(s) names in bold, but not upper case letters;

  • author(s) address(es) text in italics, but not upper case;

  • up to five key words;

  • text in English; for scientific contributions, the abstract should explain the reason for the work, the materials and methods used; the results; a discussion; conclusions and, if appropriate, thanks;

  • italics for Latin names of organisms at rank of genus and below;

  • illustrations to be submitted separately in JPG format, with maximum dimensions 650 pixels wide by 400 pixels high;

  • tables are acceptable, but must be kept simple.

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